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In which I eat a raw onion, and wind up with a book title.

Sometimes you're working so hard on a draft, so stuffed up with sinus infection that you can't taste food. So a fellow writer offers you a drawing in exchange for biting an onion. I made good. So did Brighton Kamen, my MG #PitchWars sister who is odd and hilarious and insanely talented. Thank you for this gorgeous illustration of Morgan on her solo hike.

What Brighton didn't know was that she would provide the title inspiration for the book, until now entitled MORGAN BELL TAKES A HIKE—a title that left me supremely unsatisfied.

She asked for the book title, and I was all... uhhhh, something with Lemon Drops? She wrote it on my drawing, and all of a sudden, I knew the book was going to be called LEMON DROP FALLS—a title I'd be willing to fight for, I love it so much.

The onion wasn't bad either.

All in all, a good writing day.


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