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I would LOVE to come visit your school!

To celebrate the debut of LEMON DROP FALLS, I would LOVE to come visit your school and meet with your students. I am offering a free 30 minute virtual author visit to any teacher or librarian who reads the book with their students. 

Teacher and Librarian Testimonials

"My class is generally a bit quiet and I usually need to encourage them to participate more and I was so happy Heather inspired them to come up with spontaneous questions in addition to the ones we prepared in advance. They all think her writing is beautiful and many said they were moved by the passage she read. I really liked the interactive components. I feel like not only did the students get to know Heather (they loved her upbeat personality) but they also learned writing tips and life advice. I’m so grateful! The students worked on their stories and designed their book covers with gumption after speaking with Heather. I was especially touched by her heartfelt encouragement for them to follow their dreams and how open she was about her hard times in seventh grade and how she got through it. It was such a great virtual meeting! Heather is awesome with young adults. Thanks again for an inspirational afternoon!!"

—Marie Hoy-Kenney, 8th grade teacher, Ontario, Canada

My third grade class loved connecting with Heather Clark during World Read Aloud Day. They found her process of coming up with the idea for her book fascinating, especially since she used two truth and a lie for them to figure it out. She held their interest the whole time. I would definitely recommend her visit to others.

—Mrs. Mozer, 3rd grade teacher, Riverside, Connecticut

"Heather Clark presented to a group of students from Odessa Middle School virtually.  I appreciate that in addition to sharing a chapter of Lemon Drop Falls, information about her personal life and how to become a writer; she also took the time to visit with the students about their futures and genuinely responded to their comments and questions they posted in chat during the session.  It was truly an interactive presentation."

—Susan Lefman, Library Media Specialist, Odessa Middle School, Missouri

"Heather Clark's virtual author visit was highly engaging! Her energy and enthusiasm was contagious and the students really enjoyed hearing about "Lemon Drop Falls" and asking questions about both the book and the process of writing it. This book is one title that should be in every upper elementary and middle school library."

—-Melissa Thom, middle school teacher librarian, President of CT Association of School Librarians

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