Signing With Agent Sarah Davies!

Announcing that you've signed with an agent is something every writer looks forward to. I signed with my first agent back in 2013, and she taught me SO much about the industry, and helped me to believe in myself, and treat myself like a professional long before selling my first book.

It's been a bit of a road since then. But back in 2015 I sent Sarah Davies of Greenhouse literary a query for my YA contemporary TESSA PLUS ONE. What followed was an amazing communication, Sarah speed-reading my book while moving internationally, crying in an airport, and and an "almost" offer. She was the one that got away, and I always knew that if I was looking for another agent, she'd be at the top of my list.

Summer 2019 I was between agents, and querying LEMON DROP FALLS widely. I don't think the book was quite ready yet, and Sarah and others passed on that attempt.

As I finished up with that querying effort, I entered Pitch Wars on a whim, especially moved to do so when I saw Nicole Panteleakos was a mentor. Her debut, PLANET EARTH IS BLUE is a perfect example of what I try to do with my writing, and I knew she could help me make the book better.

She. Did.

Coming into the Pitch Wars Showcase in Feb 2020, the manuscript was so much stronger, and I owe Nicole forever! It was a crazy flurry of insanity, but I don't regret a minute of it.

The agent showcase was surreal, and the next couple of weeks were crazy, and at the end, I had a phone call with SARAH DAVIES. When she emailed to tell me she was loving reading it on a Saturday morning, and then later that afternoon to tell me she needed a phone call I basically forgot how to breathe. I was too excited to wait when she said she wanted the call, but I had to take my teenager to work, so I plugged in earbuds and swore her to silence, and took THE CALL while driving to the neighboring city in my minivan. Not glamorous. But literally a perfect moment in my life.

I remember after I told Sarah yes, she tweeted this, and I died, so now I'm dead.