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Butt-in-chair time. That’s what we’re tracking now in my writing group. It’s funny how most of us feel that when we’re immersed daily in the act of writing, we love it.

But when we go too long apart from our stories, writing becomes a chore that we are trying not to hate. Wishing we could love again.

About a year ago, I was having a struggle making the actual work of writing happen. And so I made a plan to devote the first 15 minutes of Abigail’s nap each day to writing. That’s hard at the moment with David, because his napping is nearly nonexistent. But if I can actually make the “Butt-in-chair time” happen, the magic happens.

You don’t ever write anything brilliant if you don’t write. So I’m off. David’s napping, and I’m putting in the time. 🙂


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