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Your Story is NOT over!!

I posted this on a group for authors as we prepare for the Pitch Wars showcase to go live February fifth. I thought it might be helpful for anyone, no matter what your goals or passions.

Ever since I first saw the semicolon symbol as a symbol of hope, it has resonated with me as a writer who also wrestles with depression. "Your story is not over," is a powerful statement for me. On this crazy journey--oh, there have been a lot of different kinds of days. High days, like when I first signed with an agent, when I was on the edge of two book deals at once, when I got accepted to Pitch Wars. Dark days, when signing with an agent and the thought of success meant panic attacks, when both those book deals feel through, when my agent and I had to part ways. There have been days when I was sure I had finally made it, and a lot of times when I felt like I should just throw in the towel and be finished with writing forever.

In about a week, some of us are going to start celebrating, and some of us are going to mourn for a time. Some of us will probably wonder if it is worth continuing, and feel like giving up on this maddening, joyful, exhilarating, soul-crushing career we have chosen.

I metal stamped this necklace this morning to wear over the next couple of weeks as a reminder that I thought I'd share with you.

No matter what happens:

If you are immediately rocketed to super stardom...

If the universe sees the very best your insane labors could produce and responds with crickets...

Or anywhere in between...

Don't give up.

Your story isn't over.

And we have all got you. We're a team now.

Our story is just beginning.


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