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Rejection Fuels Creativity

…or it can send you into a dark place of despair where no writing occurs. But it’s your choice. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. I just got my first rejection on a full manuscript. A couple of tears later, all I can think about is querying and writing on my new project. So exciting to be at this place. At the beginning of a journey for my recently completed novel, and at the beginning of a different sort for my new work in progress.

The only trouble is, which book to write next? I’m facing a tough decision. Write what EVERYONE is encouraging me to write, or write the story that is pulling at my heart. How’s a gal to decide? Which would you write?

Sixteen-year-old Tessa George has two decisions the day her pants will no longer button up. Run away from home, or tell her mother she never had the abortion. Running away will mean living with Julie, an infertile former middle-school teacher who’s got her own plans for Tessa’s baby. While her former best friend is dating the baby’s father, and everyone at her former school thinks she’s a tramp, Tessa has to decide how to deal with her growing waistline, and Tessa and Julie both learn what motherhood really means for them. And Tessa falls for someone new. Who is ready to be her friend. And is pretty much terrified of anything else.


Willa Cather Fox was named by goofy lit-professor parents who gave her a mortifying moniker and brainful of literary references. She must use this special talent as she races with gorgeous Robby Freemeyer and computer nerd Scott Finch in a race against the clock. They’ve got 24 hours to stop disgruntled Russians from nuking the USA and to figure out whether they should kiss each other.


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