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Sometimes You Must Get Your Audrey Hepburn On

And you must do it in a live webinar with your BFF who is concurrently dressed as The Mad Hatter.

You must do this if your friend drags you along kicking and screaming and secretly you don’t mind that much because just like exercise, once you get started, it’s REALLY fun.

Nikki Trionfo and I have been dear friends, critique partners, and mutual writers’ therapists since we did our first NaNoWriMo together when our now 11-year-old daughters were in strollers. Three years ago she won the grand prize in the first chapter contest for the LDStorymakers conference. Two years ago, I won, and now she makes me spend my Thursday nights in January helping other people get their first chapters up to snuff for this contest, or for any other first chapterly purpose.

This January is our second annual series, and we started off tonight in another three-part webinar series.

Session 5: Humor Hooks Readers aired tonight, but the past installments can be watched at the links below:

Session 1: Make Yours Stand Out Session 2: Story Arc, Theme, and Inner Conflict Session 3: Start in the Right Place Session 4: (With Charlie Holmberg and Nikki Trionfo.)

Anyway, why am I sharing this with you all? I’m a glutton for punishment, and ready for public humiliation. Also, hopefully some of the information we presented is helpful.

If not… it was free.

Update. The link to the full playlist of these insane workshops is here.


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